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Progressive Web Apps Handbook

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Biswaranjan Rout
·Aug 27, 2020·

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What are PWAs?

PWAs stand for progressive web apps, which are web applications that have some native app capabilties like:

  • Install on a mobile home sacreen
  • Access the app when offline
  • Get push notifications

What are service workers?

They are simple javascript files that run in the background that can do these :

  • Load content offline
  • Use background sync
  • Use push notifications

A service worker runs on a different thread, and doesn't affect the main JS thread. It can listen for fetch requests, push messages etc.

Service worker lifecycle

  • Register the service worker file from the main app.js file.
  • When you reload the page, the service worker is reinstalled only if the service worker file is changed.


Full course link - Soruce

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